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An Obscure Doctor's Journal

This book ranges from Dr. Tom Graves's childhood as a mischievous boy in Biloxi, Mississippi, to his days at Tulane University as an undergraduate and medical school student, to his years in the Army as a doctor during Vietnam, and ultimately to a life of practicing break-through medicine in the Deep South. 

The story actually begins much further back, with Graves's great-uncle, a doctor in Minnesota in the late 1800s who was truly committed to the Hippocratic Oath. It was his acts of selfless kindness that set in motion so much of what eventually led to Graves's own life. His great-uncle often offered medical care with no immediate financial gain to himself, except for an occasional chicken or bag of vegetables. In one such case, his acts of selfless healing were paid for with something of even less apparent worth. But that proved wrong! If anyone ever wonders whether doing good eventually comes back to you, this book offers astounding, almost too-good-to-be-true, proof that it does.

Eventually, Graveses in Minnesota came to the Coastal South and continued to practice medicine. As they did, Providence allowed them to brush up with medical and business breakthroughs. The book three generations of doctors which saw head-and-neck surgery go from no microscope to robotic microscopic surgery. 
Cajun comedies and tales of flying in hurricanes, dog fights, and secret excursions into a civil-war-torn battlefield are to follow. Strange ailments and fascinating people as well as life-and-death surgeries. There is even a literal horse story (with a medical twist). 

Dr. Graves insists that he is a relatively obscure man. The title of this book, An Obscure Doctor’s Journal, recognizes this; yet obscure people can be used in unexpected and beneficial ways, and he hope this encourages all of us to do our best.