LifeStory Publishing - Writing your story, establishing your legacy.
Some basic stages in the 
writing process include:

1. Establishing your vision for the book. You and I become acquainted, a stage I always enjoy. We can talk by phone or in person, but the key is for us to log enough time so I know the foundational goals of your book. 

2. Creating a working outline. At the proper time, I will draft a proposal for the book's structure and contents. We will develop a working outline for your book. This will give us more tangible concepts to discuss, and our process will be well on its way!

3. Conducting interviews and doing in-depth research. 
I thoroughly interview clients. You and I will devote hours of phone or in-person time to this key stage. Eventually, I will begin to interview others, only with your consent. I'll conduct a professional search, inventory, and assessment of personal documents, scrapbooks, and other sources of information including valuable research from libraries, archives, and other sources. I enjoy this and often find nuggets to enhance the book.

4. Writing an initial draft.  After consulting with you carefully and consistently to ensure the right tone and approach is achieved, I write the manuscript, a stage that can take anywhere from one to three months.

5. Structural editing of drafts. I incorporate your comments and observations from the first draft of the manuscript, and we tighten the book while enhancing accuracy and readability, as well as possibly adding new material. We may go through several drafts during this structural editing process before moving to the next stage.

6. Copy editing and proofreading. I engage a professional copy editor to read the manuscript to ensure grammatical and structural soundness.

7. Final reading. You (and possibly others of your choosing) read and vet the manuscript, checking facts, adding or massaging anecdotes, and ensuring the book's proper tone and overall feel.

8. Designing. LifeStory Publishing works with designers who deliver great quality. Together, we ensure that your book has a professional, elegant look. Photos and/or other images and documents may be included within the text or in appendices. 

9. Printing and Publishing. LifeStory Publishing has fantastic printer contacts nationally and worldwide. I gather competitive prices from only the best printers. LifeStory Publishing will secure your ISBN number and Library of Congress registration and will assist with shipping issues.

10. Book Sales and Placement. I help you place your book in stores and on internet sites. Electronic versions of the book may be created and sold. A marketing plan is designed. Ultimately, the decision to sell or not to sell a book—and at what price—is yours.