LifeStory Publishing - Writing your story, establishing your legacy.
Writing a book with LifeStory is a bit like building a house with a good contractor.

Most people hire a contractor to build their house because the process of building is complex and thus can be tedious, confusing, and emotional for someone without years of experience and time-tested skills. The client wants to enjoy the building process while determining his or her level of involvement.

Likewise, a good writer will guide you through the complexities of writing your story. You should feel assured that the end product will shine. You should have fun and choose your level of participation. Your writer needs excellent credentials and a pleasant personality that help to achieve a successful product.

Your writer should know the basic stages and the understandable emotions involved in creating a compelling biography, history, or memoir.

I have guided many people through this process. Like an honest contractor, I won't tell you that it is as simple as 1-2-3. There will be "change orders" and new ideas that emerge during the creative adventure. It is work, but it is satisfying.