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Joe Maxwell is a memoir and biography writer who has won many awards.  Joe Maxwell / President
National award-winning writer, editor, and publisher

               Whether writing a biography, history, or memoir,
                 my team will help you craft powerful legacy.

A well-crafted biography, history, or memoir preserves a lasting legacy as few other things can do. For twenty-eight years I've written for top publishers and national leaders, winning book, magazine, and newspaper awards. Writing alongside my clients is a great privilege that I take seriously. I enjoy helping clients produce excellent books that will stand the test of time. The writing process, like any specialty work, can seem mysterious or daunting. Writing a book, however, is a grand enterprise that can be fun, not to mention rewarding. I founded LifeStory Publishing in 2002 because I enjoy helping people like you convey your life experiences, ideas, and wisdom. In so doing, your book can contribute to the public dialogue. My clients produce books as family heirlooms or for publication and sale. I invite you to visit the link Rock-Solid Experience to learn more about my professional background. Visit Writing a Book where I help demystify the book-writing process. At Basic Stages in the Process, I offer a metaphor for the book-writing endeavor. Call me at 601-594-0018 to set up a free consultation. Best wishes as you begin this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

 I have interviewed and   written about hundreds of   top personalities, including ...

Johnny Hart, creator of the comic strip B.C., was profiled by Joe Maxwell.

Johnny Hart, Cartoonist

Wirt Yerger Jr., Republican Leader

Frank Deford, Sports Writer 

Sandy Williams, Coca-Cola Executive

J. I. Packer, Theologian 

Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate and publisher of Forbes magazine, was profiled by Joe Maxwell.

Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine

W.D. Mounger, Philanthropist

Amy Grant, Singer

A.C. Green, Pro Basketball Player 

Jeff Shaara, Historical Novelist

And many more.